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Now Selling EMV Chip Reader/Writer, The Cloning software and Java Cards. The cloning software is a Smart Card Reader/Writer Software . Compatibility with MCR 200 / ACR 38 /ACR 92. EMV Reader/Writer Software Is able To Read/Write EMV Protocols such as 201,206,226 and Much more. * * * Reader/Writer ($200)MCR 200 Magnetic & EMV Reader Writer MCR200 Multifunctional Reader (Magnetic card, Smart card reader writer) provides reliable magnetic stripe reading/writing and Smart card reader/writer solution for bank business, retail, security and other related systems, it offer user a card reader/writer solution that will complement many applications. Features: • Compact size • Support PBOC2.0, EMV IC card • manual swipe to read/write data with a single pass • Read/ write magnetic stripe card or passbook in both ISO & IBM format • Read/ write up to triple tracks (track 1&2&3, 300-4000Oe) • Tri-color LED & beeper for power on/read/write operations • PIN pad port & two extra serial port expander available • Well designed software/hardware and imported key components ensure the whole excellent performance • Module structure technology applied to ensure high efficiency and reliability Magnetic Stripe Card Reader/Writer & EMV chip Encoder Track 1,2,3 Comes with Multifunctiton All in one IC chip / Magnetic swipe card reader writer encoder. Package Includes: 1x MCR-200 1x USB(User’s Manual, USB Driver,1xEMV Chip Reader/Writer) 1x USB(User’s Manual, USB Driver,1x software for magnetic stripe reader/writer) 1x A/C Adapter with power cable and 1x RS232 to USB convertor * * * Software ($900) EMV Chip Reader/writer software is a powerful EMV Smart Card Reader/Writer Software. Compatibility with MCR 200 / ACR 38 /ACR 92. EMV Reader/Writer Software Is able To Read/Write EMV Protocols such as 201,206,226 and Much more. The software include the Instruction manual the License key and Setup. Developed for WIN10 /WIN8 /WIN7/VISTA/XP • Reads/Writes to Smart Chip Memory Cards • Reads/Writes to Smart Chip Memory Pin Protected Cards • Reads/Write Gift / Loyalty Smart Memory Cards • Customer Loyalty Points can be tracked, added or redeemed • Save, update, and delete records in the database • Write data from the database into the card • Read data from the card directly into the application • Move to a previous, next, or any record number • Search for a record by entering a criterion • View card type • Set a PIN# on the card • Import data from a text file to the application database • Much More!!! * * * Java Cards ($7)-($10)each You will need Java credit cards, the software is compatible with any Java JACOP card:- NXP J2A080, NXP JCOP21, NXP J2A040, NXP J3A040, JCOP J2A128 by NXP, JCOP41 V2.2.1 72K * * * Reader/Writer($200) Blank White Java Cards($7)each Blank Colored Random Bank Java Cards($10)each Software($900) Free Discreet Shipping How to order : Add me on ICQ messenger : ICQ:- 729 159 776 Payments Accepted: Bitcoin / BTC PLEASE Leave Feedback !! EMAIL: for Info
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