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We offer research chemicals and pain pills meds. Any interest,check contacts below Ketamine,2F-DCK 3-CMC,4-MMC MDMA A-pvp (Flakka) Methamphetamine4-MethylaminorexPentedrone / MPA Fentanyl Carfentanil U-47700/U48800 Alprazolam Ephedrine hcl Clonazolam 5f-mdmb-2201 Nembutal CBD isolate SGT-151 STS-135 NM-2201 Oxycodone 30,80 mg Hydrocodone 10mg OPANA 40mg DILAUDID 8mg Suboxone 8mg Percocet 10/325mg Xanax 2 mg Morphine pills Wickr Id: cnchemx Telegram: @cnchemx Whatsapp: +1419 285 6898
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