EMV smart card is offering for sell the NEW software for EMV chip & PIN
EMV R.B. Writer/Reader is created for track2 dumps with service code 201, 206, 207, 208, 210 , 215, 220 ,221, 223, 225 etc. But will also work well with 1xx's service code. This program will unlock dumps with EMV which was not available for you until now because POS ask for EMV. The latest version include algorithms and arqc dynamic bins for VISA, VISA ELECTRON, Mastercard,Maestro, AMEX and Discovery Very high approval rate - 90% (including Europe) Because of the ARQC-ARPC bypass algorithm you can insert any pin, even if you insert 0000 the POS is going to approve the transaction. The software is working with any EMV writer hardware on the market Most common used EMV Reader/Writer hardware: - ACR 83, ACR-38U, ACR122U, ACR 92 - OMNIKEY 3121, OMNIKEY 4040, OMNIKEY 4321 , OMNIKEY 3021, OMNIKEY 5321 - EZ1000PU - EMV IC Card reader / writer For hardware compatibility please check with us. You will need Java credit cards, the software is compatible with any Java JACOP card: - NXP J2A080, NXP JCOP21, NXP J2A040, NXP J3A040, JCOP J2A128 by NXP, JCOP41 V2.2.1 72K For Java card's compatibility please check with us. The software offers a very high approved rate because of the dynamic algorithms and scripts It can easy bypass arqc-arpc bank security check without closing or alert the bank provider, this means after you have a successful transaction the dump will remain open and will not immediately close. Of course the dumps can be closed if they are reported stolen or have insufficient founds. USA is shifting to EMV com get ready for the latest changes. Ask for price Payment Method Accept! Via PM/PerfectMoney WebMoney Wmz/ BTC Bitcoin Example Wallet How load balance proces Market original Code Procedure setup about balance payment! Address via bitcoin Cryprt OTR Welcome our Clients Accept Give you instruction if you wona be our market! shop client you are welcome we can help you! Email> icq-729 159 776
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