Buy covid-organics drinks ( madagascar covid-19 herbal cure ) within 7days.
Buy covid-organics drinks ( madagascar covid-19 herbal cure ) within 7days. Buy Covid-19 cure, discovered in Madagascar East Africa. Get it and free away from vaccine, free away from death and free away from sick bed. contact us on ( wickr: chana01 ) or ( E-mail:( atenahjah1988@mail.ru ) This herbal tea gives results in seven days maximum ==================================================================== The drink, which has been called COVID-Organics, is derived from artemisia - a plant with proven efficacy in malaria treatment - and other indigenous herbs, according to the IMRA. But its safety and effectiveness have not been assessed internationally, nor has any data from trials been published in peer-reviewed studies. Mainstream scientists have warned of the potential risk from untested herbal brews. Rajoelina brushed aside any such reservations and said the concoction would be offered to schoolchildren, as it was his duty was to "protect the Malagasy people". "COVID-Organics drink will be used as prophylaxis, that is for prevention, but clinical observations have shown a trend towards its effectiveness in curative treatment," said Dr Charles Andrianjara, IMRA's director-general. The large Indian Ocean island has so far detected 121 cases and has had no fatalities. The pandemic has triggered a rush for herbal formulas, lemons, and ginger in the belief that they can protect against the virus. The World Health Organisation (WHO), which asked people to be vigilant about claimed cures for COVID-19, did not attend the event.
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