B 11 Laba pirts pie Gaujas | Bērzu gatve 11, Kadaga, Ādažu pag., Ādažu nov., LV- 2103

People capacity: 50 guests
Accommodations: 50
Bath type: Wood, Black
Busy days
Free days
MoTuWeThFrSaSu M
Service: Catering, Parking, Tents
Equipment: Audio, Fireplace
Sport/Relax: Fishing, Boats, Sport fields
Water options: River, Lake, Cold tub, Hot tub, Jacuzzi, Pool
Bath type: Wood, Black

The guest house Laba pirts is located in the  middle of a pine tree forest , on the bank of river Gauja., 20 km from Rīga, 30 km from Riga centre. We have two big houses- The Guest house and Bathhouse.

The guest house is very new , there will be 8 rooms . At the moment we can offer 7 rooms for guests. Each room has its own style, so everyone can choose   the colours according to their mood and wishes. We offer our guests to stay overnight, to spend a day in the pine tree forest  picking mushrooms and berries, enjoy different saunas and much more.

Next to the guest house there is a bathhouse complex - large wooden building with a  Finnish sauna and a swimming pool, there is also a cosy hall with a fireplace. It is also possible to celebrate  outside, on the terrace. Besides, there is a bonfire place and a grill.

There are gigantic swings and a voleyball ground.
It is possible to enjoy the Black sauna- it is an ancient- style built bath- house with a stone pile under which the wood is burnt for a couple of hours until the stones are hot. Afterwards the coals are taken out and the room is aired , to be ready for use.

There is a small terrace on the bank of river Gauja, with a hot water tub - the water temperature  is around 40o – 42o degrees. It provides a very enjoyable and relaxing activity both in winter and summer.



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B 11 Laba pirts pie Gaujas
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