Rozēni, lauku pirtiņa | Skulte, Saulkrasti, Zvejniekciems, LV- 2161

Rozēni, lauku pirtiņa
People capacity: 10 guests
Accommodations: 4
Bath type: Wood
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Service: Bath, Attendant, Parking, Tents, Bessoms, SPA
Equipment: Audio, TV, Fireplace
Water options: River, Sea, Cold tub, Hot tub
Bath type: Wood

Latvian Traditional Sauna- Pirts in Saulkrasti

  Pirts - it`s a specific and a world widely unique Latvian sauna culture which has been used by ancient Latvians, and floating on the wind of time, this culture has been taken it to this day. After combining the historical with the modern, we still have this extraordinary Pirts culture. Just as unique as it was back then…

  Pirts procedure is an ancient Latvian tradition. Through thousands of years, we have gathered and developed our knowledge and experience – how to turn a hygienic procedure into a recreational and energizing adventure as well as to turn it into a great relaxation for family and friends or have it all by yourself.

  “Rozēni” pirts offers you to experience and witness thousands of years worth of traditions, even now, in the 21st century and it`s not just a show where you are just a passive bystander! A certified pirts master, with the help of besoms, teas, honey and clay full of recreational qualities, will do deep skin cleansing procedures to calm it down and improve skin health. These procedures will make you feel better physically and emotionally. Pirts is a great way to explore and experience an antique Baltic peoples` cultural heritage and have a priceless relaxation session at the same time!

  This cultural legacy – Pirts ritual – is supported by a State Agency, because tourists truly enjoy and love this magic and historical, yet relaxing adventure.

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We welcome you to enjoy a truly traditional Latvian sauna (called Latvian pirts) experience in the Rozeni sauna. At the far end of the Saulkrasti city, there lies a cozy, country side sauna that always welcomes guests for amazing recreational and relaxing procedures – it’s really worth it! Upon your arrival, the pirts will be all set! 

Welcome to ports Rozeni. At the time of your arrival, our pirts will be 70°C degrees hot. Pirts rent 15€ per person 3 hours. 10€ extra per hour after that.


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