B 11 Laba pirts pie Gaujas | Bērzu gatve 11, Kadaga, Ādažu pag., Ādažu nov., LV- 2103

People capacity: 50 guests
Accommodations: 50
Bath type: Wood, Black
Busy days
Free days
MoTuWeThFrSaSu J
Service: Catering, Parking, Tents
Equipment: Audio, Fireplace
Sport/Relax: Fishing, Boats, Sport fields
Water options: River, Lake, Cold tub, Hot tub, Jacuzzi, Pool
Bath type: Wood, Black

The guest house Laba pirts is located in the  middle of a pine tree forest , on the bank of river Gauja., 20 km from Rīga, 30 km from Riga centre. We have two big houses- The Guest house and Bathhouse.

The guest house is very new , there will be 8 rooms . At the moment we can offer 7 rooms for guests. Each room has its own style, so everyone can choose   the colours according to their mood and wishes. We offer our guests to stay overnight, to spend a day in the pine tree forest  picking mushrooms and berries, enjoy different saunas and much more.

Next to the guest house there is a bathhouse complex - large wooden building with a  Finnish sauna and a swimming pool, there is also a cosy hall with a fireplace. It is also possible to celebrate  outside, on the terrace. Besides, there is a bonfire place and a grill.

There are gigantic swings and a voleyball ground.
It is possible to enjoy the Black sauna- it is an ancient- style built bath- house with a stone pile under which the wood is burnt for a couple of hours until the stones are hot. Afterwards the coals are taken out and the room is aired , to be ready for use.

There is a small terrace on the bank of river Gauja, with a hot water tub - the water temperature  is around 40o – 42o degrees. It provides a very enjoyable and relaxing activity both in winter and summer.



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Special offers
Svinību vieta kāzām un ballītēm!

 Pieejama  liela zāle svinībām,pirts, baseins, melnā pirtiņa, karstā baļļa, volejboja laukums, skaistas istabiņas, cena tikai 680EUR ar nakšņošanu skaistās istabiņās, visās ir wc un duša. Ir vēl brīvi datumi šovasar. 

Atrodamies tikai 20km no Rīgas robežas pašā Gaujas krastā!







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