Upesrūķi | „Rūķīši”, Garkalne, Garkalnes nov., LV-2137

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People capacity: 30 guests
Accommodations: 30
Bath type: Wood
Busy days
Free days
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Service: Bath, Attendant, Catering, Parking, Tents, Bessoms
Equipment: Audio, TV, Karaoke, Fireplace, Seminars
Sport/Relax: Fishing, Sport fields, Horses, Skiing, Children playground
Water options: River, Cold tub, Hot tub
Bath type: Wood

About us

We offer:

  • Peace and tranquility not far from Riga
  • Our guests can enjoy the blessed atmosphere of the country log house
  • You can steam and flap yourself with birch, hazel, juniper whisks in our country sauna
  • We offer herbal teas gathered in the meadows of Garkalne. We will treat you with the honey that comes from our beehives
  • In springs when the surroundings are full of flowering bird-cherry trees and birds are singing their most beautiful melodies you will have a possibility to taste birch sap
  • In summer swimming in a river that surrounds the guest house will be refreshing
  • You can go for a walk or ride a bicycle in the forest near the guest house .In autumn the generous forests offer mushroom and berry gathering
  • In winter when the snow slowly falls and the silence and calm embrace the nature near the guesthouse, you can do country skiing, the length of the trail is 4 km long
  • If you have a desire for something much more extreme, our guest house is not far from the Ramkalni track and Reina track (approximately 20 min ride) where you can do snowboarding and freestyle and downhill skiing
  • We offer celebrations, parties and banquets for up to 30 persons
  • Lodging- for up to 30 persons

We look forward to seeing you in Upesruki!!

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Pirts  Upesrūķi

Piedāvājam pie mums izbaudīt "Veselības dienas", ar zāļu tējām un pirts procedūrām. Piedalās pirtnieks, masieris. Pirts procedūru laikā tiek pielietotas mūsu apkārtnes mežos un pļavās koku un ārstniecisko augu grieztās slotiņas. Tiek piedāvātas vietējās augsti organisko dūņu maskas gan visam ķermenim, gan atsevišķām ķermeņa daļām.




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