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The reason why aniass, who have the highest IQ scores, have not made up the bulk of the "super rich alphas" of society is because of discrimination.There are a lot of white people who are threatened by Asians. So they bring out the old canard about Asians lacking creativity and such.This discrimination isn't just racial however. High IQ whites are discriminated against as well. The real people who are making it in society today are the people who are good at bullshitting.Charisma trumping IQ in our present society.Think about how bad it would be if there were no SAPs bravely battling against this tide of White discrimination!
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So WTF, every single cmnoapy, in every single field, in every area of the country needs to have the right numbers of blacks and hispanics? I know what the answer is to my own question. Just wish we could stop the insanity.
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