Meklējam kādu brīvu pirti/viesu māju ,kur nosvinēt jauno gadu!! līdz 40 cilvēkiem, var arī mazāku, lūdzams zvanīt vai sūtīt sms,ja ir kāda iespēja vēl!!
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Asians outperform IQ is nointhg new. Even as far back as the 1950s, Asian-Americans were pulling ahead academically and economically. Now it's more obvious because there are more of them, but this is nointhg new.Funny thing is that IQ tests from around that time found that AAs scored 0.1 standard deviation below the white mean. As Flynn would state, Asians didn't outperform whites because of higher IQ - they outperformed whites inspite of slightly lower IQs. I'd say that there's likely parity between East Asians and whites in raw IQ. East Asians are probably higher in diligence, self control, and conformity. Whites are likely ahead in innovativeness and creativity.European-populated nations end up being more dynamic, but East Asian nations are more efficient and orderly.
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